Change Log: November 8th
New & Improved:
New Search Interface
  • We’ve completely rebuilt Campuswire’s
    search engine
    . Whether it’s a post, chatroom, reply, or comment – just type in the keywords you’re looking for, and let us take it from there.
New Feature
New Email Digest
  • Introducing our new
    email preferences
    . Turn this on to be notified about any messages or posts you may have missed during the day.
Screen Shot 2019-10-25 at 12
Performance improvements
  • We’ve improved the performance of the app, making it 2x faster to get into the app. For users in five+ groups, you’ll see loading speeds of 3-4x.
Various UI improvements
  • We’ve added
    throughout app to make your experience feel seamless and buttery-smooth.
  • We’ve pushed a fix to our ‘
    suggested posts
    ’ feature so that relevant posts don’t block the compose modal.
If you have any feature suggestions or bugs to report, shoot us a message on Campuswire or visit our Roadmap.
Change Log: October 11th
New & Improved:
New Feature:
Android App Released in BETA
  • We've released our new Android app. Now you can check your course conversations anywhere, anytime.
  • Download it here
Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 12
New Email Notifications
  • We've redesigned our emails so that you can now see more information per email.
  • Select which notifications you want sent to you in your user settings.
New Feature
Collapsing Threads
  • Your class was
    engaged, and now you can't find the answer you're looking for? Navigate a class conversation post more easily with our new collapsing thread feature.
If you have any feature suggestions or bugs to report, shoot us a message on Campuswire or visit our Roadmap.
Change Log: September 30th
Welcome to our new Change Log. Check here to learn about Campuswire's latest updates.
New & Improved:
Redesigned Class at a Glance
  • We've heard your feedback and redesigned the
    Class at a Glance
    feature to make it simpler to understand what's going on in your class. Here's how:
  • We've moved
    pinned posts
    to your Class at a Glance page to make it possible to support increasing the number of max pinned posts up to 25.
  • We've introduced the
    Class Leaderboard
    to track students' participation– toggle your leaderboard's visibility to different members of your class using the Top Contributors setting in your class settings.
Improved Chatroom Invites
  • We've redesigned the
    chatroom invite
    , so now it’s faster to add students and TAs to a chatroom.
New Compact Mode
  • We've introduced a new
    Compact Mode
    to display up to 30% more information in your class feed. Toggle it on in your user settings.
Notification Filters
  • You can now
    filter your notifications
    by class or group.
If you have any feature suggestions or bugs to report, shoot us a message on Campuswire or visit our Roadmap.
Campuswire V3: now live for Fall classes
Hey there 👋,
Some exciting news from Campuswire HQ: today, Campuswire Version 3 ships 😄
We’ve spent a ton of time this summer rewriting Campuswire, building new features, and getting V3 ready for Fall classes.
Here's a quick list of what's new (check out this piece for a more in-depth look at why we built V3):
  • 🔥 A new, fresher user interface
  • ✅ Easy duplicate question marking
  • ❓ Unresolved question tracking
  • 📱 An Android app (out Friday) and a brand new iOS app (rebuilt from the ground up)
  • 👀 Class Insights (lots of graphs and metrics about how a class is using Campuswire)
  • 🌃 Dark mode (which is actually our all-time most requested feature!)
This update is the product of a ton of work by the team here at Campuswire HQ, but it’s also the result of all the feedback we’ve heard from all of our users in the past year. Feedback from our TAs and students is really what allows us to ship updates like this, build awesome new features, and keep improving Campuswire.
On behalf of the Campuswire team, thanks for all the feedback and ideas so far, and we can’t wait to hear what you think about V3!
Campuswire team