Changelog: January 13th
Welcome back to the new term!
New & Improved
Feature Update
Live Sessions UI/UX Update
Based on your feedback, we've given Live Sessions an upgrade for the new term. Here's what that means:
1) Better content sharing
We removed the overlaying circles when content is shared. Users found the circles distracting, and the circles sometimes covered important content on the screen.
We gave the professor a "podium" for speaking when content is shared (just like in a traditional lecture).
Frame (6)
2) Simplified polls
We've made it clearer for users to see poll results and for professors to manage polls.
Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 9
3) Simplified the “People” tab
We made it easier to glance through the whole list of attendees and students with raised hands -- previously, this required multiple tabs, now it's possible in a single view.
Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 9
4) Removed the topic requirement for raising hands
We initially thought it'd be useful to allow people to add topics when they raise their hands, making it easier for instructors to see who’s going to ask what.
We've realized that's actually causing more friction when people want to raise their hands and that students generally prefer to raise their hands without having to enter a topic.
5) Removed reactions
Many of our instructors found reactions distracting, especially if the class size is large and the students spam the reactions. We removed reactions for now, and we'll try to improve the user experience and add it back in the future.
New & Improved
Bug fix: Push notifications on mobile
Push notifications on mobile were previously not always working properly -- we've shipped a fix and push notifications will work correctly for all users.