Changelog: October 18th
New & Improved
Feature Update:
Delete the 'General' Category
  • Instructors and TAs can now delete the default 'General' category and tag from their Campuswire class (previously, this category could not be deleted).
Feature Update:
Merge Post Categories
  • Instructors and TAs can now merge post categories. If you'd like to delete a category, you'll have the option to merge all posts in that category into a new category.
  • Example:
    If there are 5 posts tagged '#Homework1' and you want to delete that category, we'll show an option to change those 5 posts to another existing category.
  • To merge categories, you'll click on the "Settings" tab in your left hand sidebar, then navigate to "Feature preferences" and then to "Feed categories."
Screen Shot 2020-10-18 at 3
Fixed DM Bug
  • We've fixed a bug that was preventing users from using the 'DM' button inside the 'number of people who have viewed this post' popup.
Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 2
Repaired Post Referencing
  • We've identified and fixed an issue that was causing post references to not be detected.
Fixed Comment Icon Bug
  • Clicking on the comment icon under a post now opens the comment tab.
If you have any feature suggestions or bugs to report, shoot us a message on Campuswire or visit our Roadmap