Having been able to use this for another quarter, and gotten mostly good results, there are still a few features that I think are needed in order to make this fully functional. First, students should be automatically subscribed to the feed with an opt-out. It is surprisingly difficult to inform students of the existence of a website like CampusWire. I mention it in the syllabus, I mention it in class, I send out an email announcement. And yet still, at the end of the quarter, I learn of students who didn't know of its existence. Auto-subscribe will help. Second, it's very difficult to find answers and comments within replies. The email notification is nice, but when I go onto the page and see that I have no unanswered questions, I often think I'm done. Anything that would help to more easily navigate the threads within a question and would bring them to the top so it is easier to see which threads have new posts would be very helpful.