I'm attaching below the very useful exchange which I had with your support.
  • [bug] trouble deleting some "special" rooms
  • [feature request] allow instructors to always being able to delete chatrooms they creates, even if they left them and re-joined.
Conversation with Campuswire
Started on February 23, 2021 at 03:10 PM America/New_York time EST (GMT-0500)
--- February 23, 2021 ---
03:10 PM | Andrea Vaccari: Hello! I've create the room #general (https://campuswire.com/c/GA20F9E91) and I can easily leave and join the room, but I don't seem to be able to delete it... am I missing something? Thanks!
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--- February 24, 2021 ---
01:56 PM | Sanna from Campuswire: Hi Andrea –– once you leave a room, the system considers it a forfeiture of your moderating powers within it –– so once the room has been left the first time, we don't allow users to delete the room
02:06 PM | Andrea Vaccari: Is this true also if you are the instructor? I had problems deleting the room even before I left it. Right after I created it, I tried to delete it and it just hangs on the Delete Room? popup after you click on yes. Spinning wheel. I left it for hours with the spinning wheel.
03:57 PM | Sanna from Campuswire: Yes, this remains true if you're an instructor or moderator in the class. Hmm... the spinning wheel definitely should have resolved itself. Which browser are you using to view Campuswire?
04:08 PM | Andrea Vaccari: I've tried both chrome and firefox
06:51 PM | Sanna from Campuswire: Hmmm. Campuswire generally operates best when using Chrome, so the browser must not have been the issue. We haven't received other reports of this behavior yet, but I'll flag this so that our product team can take a look.
--- February 24, 2021 ---
07:07 PM | Andrea Vaccari: [Image "image.png"]
07:09 PM | Andrea Vaccari: Just in case I attached a picture of where it get stuck. Also, IMHO adding the option for instructors to delete rooms they created would be a useful feature. Thanks for the support!
07:10 PM | Sanna from Campuswire: Thank you for the screen-grab! Is this the same room that you were originally trying to delete? So the issue is persisting?
07:13 PM | Andrea Vaccari: Yes... I created a room called #general, then I tried to delete it (hang up), then I left it (no problem), then I joined it again (no problem), then I tried to delete it once more (hang up). Logged out, logged in for a different browser, tried to delete (hang up)...
07:16 PM | Sanna from Campuswire: AH! I see what's happening! The general chatroom is automatically populated in your class, and is actually the only room that cannot be deleted. You can disable the chatroom feature entirely in your settings, but not delete that specific room
07:17 PM | Sanna from Campuswire: We originally built the system this way so that there would always be a placeholder-value chatroom, kind of like how the #general category tag comes pre-populated in the page
07:18 PM | Sanna from Campuswire: We had a lot of people request that the #general tag be deletable, so we updated that feature a few months back.
07:18 PM | Andrea Vaccari: But the same room is not populated for another class I've just created. There there are #announcement and #class-chat. So do you mean that by creating the #general room I accidentally hit a special room?
07:20 PM | Sanna from Campuswire: Did you delete the room titled 'TAs'?
07:21 PM | Andrea Vaccari: Yes... I've created two private ones (tutors and graders). Screenshot coming
07:21 PM | Andrea Vaccari: [Image "image.png"]
07:21 PM | Andrea Vaccari: This is what I see as default in the other class I've just created.
07:22 PM | Andrea Vaccari: [Image "image.png"]
07:24 PM | Sanna from Campuswire: To keep the chatroom feature enabled, there always needs to be at least one room created –– so you wouldn't be able to delete #general if it were the only room. But you did have two other rooms, so maybe this isn't what's occurring. Give me a little bit to do some digging, I'll send you an update asap.
07:25 PM | Andrea Vaccari: No rush! I can definitely use a #general room :-) Since I'm very new at CW, I just wanted to get my bearings with how I can manage chatrooms and I observed this strange behavior.
07:27 PM | Sanna from Campuswire: Totally makes sense. There should definitely be some kind of pop up indicating why the room can't be deleted, in any case, so that it's less confusing for future users –– if you ever have any other suggestions or comments of this nature, please feel free to send us a request on our Canny board: https://campuswire.canny.io/
07:28 PM | Sanna from Campuswire: We define our feature roadmap with consideration to our users' needs, so we really appreciate the submissions!
07:43 PM | Andrea Vaccari: Will do! Thanks!
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